Torsos, by Nora Farah 2021

Arya – fighting for the good. Art piece focusing on the womans needs to protect herself. W/H 53/78, 3.700 EUR.
Bounded, 3.200 EUR
Bounded – When freedom is to come. Unique torso made of multiartmaterials, placed on a bronzecolored frame. 3.200 EUR
Cutting edges – ahead but ancient. An unique Art & Fashion torso inspired by the finest venetian fabrics and elements. 3.800 EUR
J´Existe – my hearth is my energy. Magnificent piece of classic art from Nora Farah. W/H 50/80 cm, 3.700 EUR.
The Natural Woman. 2.800 EUR.
Last chance for a dance. W/H 58/105. 4.000 EUR
Ballerina – dancing in the dark. Torso in frame. W/H 59/93 cm. 3.300 EUR.
Palm fashion – natural beauty. Torso inspired from natural and exotic cultures and materials. W/H 49/60 cm. 2.800 EUR.
Memories – ancient and attractive. Unique artpiece designed by historical elements. W/H 52/86cm, 4.000 EUR
Akila. Archangel. 2.500 EUR.
White symphony – pure and passionate. Torso inspired of bride fashion. 2.500 EUR.
Hera – seasonal spirits.2.500 EUR.
Anaya – gods favour. 2.800 EUR.
Palm Fashion. 2.300 EUR.