Art gallery

Nora Farahs art is a unique collection of busts, frameworks and statuettes. She combines shapes and elements and uses fabrics, lace, materials and colours in balancing structure.

Each piece of art has a unique idea, name and story. Bellow you will find pictures of her latest work, press on the links to see more. You will also find details about the measurements and price.




Unique art pieces

Nora Farah’s art is the result of a long journey – a common thread from fashion education and work as a designer in Paris, via working as a fashion designer for almost 30 years with her own collections, haute couture and a number of fashion shows in Oslo to take experiences and ideas out new formats she calls art & fashion.

The techniques used she has developed herself, but strongly inspired by the basic subjects in fashion design and postmodern art, all taken out in unique formats. It usually starts with an idea and a sketch, which can end up in a pattern and choice of material that suits the goal of the artwork.

Then it can be to drape exclusive fabrics such as silk, lace, velor and embroider with pearls, sequins and other materials.

In her work with the works of art, Nora Farah shapes the materials freely to create the desired format and movement, preferably three-dimensionally. The art is determined with mineral-based natural pigment colors and fastening mixtures uniquely adapted to each work of art and element. Colors, reliefs, patterns and contrasts from the fashion world are often used as visual effects

Each work of art is unique and she works hard to create special effects and personal experiences for reflection, closeness and contact. But it is also very important for Nora Farah that art is good for the eye, something one likes to look at again and again

Nora Farah hs ateliers in Son nearby Oslo, and in Gers south of France.