Framework, by Nora Farah 2021

Defection – when time is out. Art piece reflecting time and place. W/H, 33×75, 2.500 EUR
Lost but free – to find yourself. Amazing art piece reflecting a womans choices in life. W/H 84/99 cm, 3.800 EUR
Mother earth – source of power. Classic artpiece with gold elements showing the womans unique power to us all. W/H 82/119 cm, 4.300 EUR.
Never look back – head to the future. Sisters in mind heading towards new adventures. W/H 100/115 cm, 4.200 EUR.
Ocean heart – where it all began. Unique art inspired by underwater life. 2.100 EUR
Party Time – gone with the wind. Classical picture of Nora Farah. W/H 83/120 cm, 3.500 EUR.
Pilates – pride and positivity. Unique piece of art, progressive and passionate. W/H 63/123 cm, 3.900 EUR.
Substainable – reusing for new adventures. Turning fashion into art, literally. W/H 37/46, 2.200 EUR.
Beginning – the power of freedom. Woman raises her strength towards society. W/H 80/125 cm, 4.000 EUR
Compation – Magnificent artpiece describing peoples life and ways of communication. W/H 63/125 cm, 3.900 EUR
Elation – power and pride. Classic Nora Farah art inspired by experiences in Paris. B/H 83/120 CM,. 3.800 EUR
Powerwoman – love and fertility. Art piece of beauty, sexuality, and motherhood. W/H 41/83 cm, 3.000 EUR
J´Existe – my hearth is my energy. Unique items hand colored, W/H 50/80cm 500 EUR, 700 incl. frame. Art print Print numbered from 1 to 50, 250 EUR. W/H 50/80 cm.
Limelight – attractive attention. W/H, 33×95, 2.600 EUR
Storyteller – creating memories. Art piece that focuses one’s mind and thoughts. W/H 33X47, 2.600 EUR.
Twisted – out of shape. Unique multimedial art piece that can give you many reflections of life. W/H 54X32, 2.600 EUR
Reflection. W/H 81/96. 3.000 EUR.