Nora Farah 2021 – her rings are closed but still very open!

From fashion in Paris, via exotic Norway to artlife in «French Tuscany»

Nora Farah has been one of Europe’s innovative creators for more than 25 years. She has designed creations, collections and projects for royalty, celebrities and entreprises.

She has spent the last decade developing her skills and in september 2017 she had her very first art exhibition in Paris – where she started her career as a young fashion designer in the 1980s.

Nora Farahs goal is to share experiences that both challenges and pleases, while showing you new ways to go. Her ateliers are located both in Gers (France), and in Son (Norway) where she also still designs unique creations and artworks for selected customers.

ps. watch/see podcast about Nora Farahs life (Norwegian).

Nora Farah in 17 seconds…

Nora Farah lives and thinks like a picture of «the French nature», although she is originally Norwegian and has lived most of her life in a big cities.

Her free spirit grows when the nature is close by, with space and freedom around her. Therefore her cultural and ethnical background has brought her to act in a way that suites french natural attitudes.

Nora Farah is Multinational – born Norwegian, family relations from Spain, Tunisia and Germany – yet with french education and many years studying and working in Paris.