art is all about Finding power and stand on your own. You are free, natural and unique!

Nora combines shapes and elements and uses fabrics, lace, materials and colours in balancing structure. Each piece of art has a unique idea, name and story. The idea is meaningful and invites to true connections. Bellow you will find her pieces, press on the links to see more. You will also find details about the measurements and price.

Nora creating art in her atelier in France.

Art in times of crisis
We are born free but we must fight all our lives to keep our freedom!

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Frameworks for freedom
People all over are seeking for freedom, join the movement!
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Sculptures without inhibitions
You are bound by media and society, but you can loosen the grip!

Busts of power
We are all trapped in the power of society, must it be so?
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Artwork created with truth
Believe that everything you are told is a lie, seek the truth!
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