Are you in balance for the next decade?

Art couture

Nora Farah is taking art and fashion into new dimensions balanced with power, integrity and sustainability.

Good art is like a mirrorview of life – genuine, honest and with a purpose. The art is within all of us, and those who has the desire to convey can create unique results. It’s about being ourselves, do what we say and say what we do.

The woman’s position in life as well as in art is all about emphasizing her distinctive qualities and role as a symbol of our life’s development.

My mission is to explore the inner feminine natural beauty, I try to find sources of balance in all I do. Happiness and health is personal and can not be bought.

The individual is unique and formed by values and visions that comes from the hearth.

Each of us have the possibility to find our balance, by creating values that comes from true feelings and an open mindset.

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Nora Farah – Sjøholmen (Sandvika)- januar og februar 2022

Jeg stiller ut min kunst på Sjøholmen Kunst og Kulturhus i hele januar og februar 2022. Det er mye nytt å vise, og her finner du oversikt over kunsten. Listen blir oppdatert løpende. Jeg kommer til å være på Sjøholmen mye i denne perioden. Sjøholmen er åpent for alle (med godt smittevern) hver dag 11-16 (stengt mandager). Jeg […]

Source of Balance

The woman’s position in human life is all about emphasizing her distinctive qualities and symbol of human development. The womans inner beauty faces what is natural and near. It is all about being ourselves, go for what we believe in and stand for it. Nora Farah is concerned about local and global environmental situations. With […]

New gallery opened in France summer 2021

In the summer 2021, Nora Farah opened her own private gallery in Lavardens in Gers in the southwest of France. This region is often described as «the French Tuscany», as the nature is somewhat similar, though calmer and cozier. This is the country of d’Artagnan, fortified towns, Armagnac and Foie Gras de Canard. It offers […]

Nora Farah art & fashion exhibitions 2017 – 2022:

  • Paris 2017, Galerie du Colombier, Rue St. Honoré
  • Stockholm, 2018, Galleri T, Gamla Stan
  • Gers, 2018, Chateaux de Lavardens, Gers
  • Frogner, 2019, Det Gylne Snitt, Frogner
  • Oslo, 2020, Galleri, Kunstgress, Homansbyen
  • Nordstrand, 2020, Galleri Ljan,
  • Bærum, Sjøholmen, mars and april 2021
  • Lavardens, own Gallery from summer 2021
  • Bærum, Sjøholmen, jan and feb 2022

Nora Farah Vernissage Oslo 2019