Nora Farah viser nye og kjente kunstverk i Bærum – 2. juni til 3. juli 2022.

Nora Farah har ikke hatt en utstilling uten restriksjoner siden sommeren 2019.

Det går mot lysere tider og vi skal ta friheten vår tilbake!

I juni er du velkommen til Sjøholmen, da er det er er åpent for alle, uten vinterklær, ansiktsmasker og restriksjoner

Sett av tiden og ta deg tid til et besøk. Del gjerne linken med andre.

Lenke til invitasjon.


Nora Farahs art is a unique collection of busts, frameworks and scupltures.

She combines shapes and elements and uses fabrics, lace, materials and colours in balancing structure. Each piece of art has a unique idea, name and story. Bellow you will find pictures of her latest work, press on the links to see more. You will also find details about the measurements and price.

Framed works of art with unique motifs of women seeking for freedom.
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The woman in sculpted in its bound dimensions.

Torsos of the female body told in different shapes and formats.
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Artwork with unique stories in different materials.
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Think about what you do, eat and drink, how you interact with other people and the nature.

It is all about finding a good balance.

You become what you eat

Everything we eat or drink, is processed, consumed and recycled. The body needs energy, vitamins and what best strengthens cells and the immune system. A balanced diet with fresh ingredients do you good.

Exercise is the best energy

Your body is like a machine, a wonderful and very advanced creature consisting of a number of integrated components. The body is to be used. Exercise of muscles, skeleton, heart, blood system and breathing is essential for a happy life.

Love is the best religion

One of most important thing in life is the relationships. Some more important than others. Some are more formal, others are based on emotions. True happiness is created by good feelings between people who love each other.

We are all natural

We come into the world naked and natural, and leave the same way. We are part of the nature, and if we live in harmony with it, it will take good care of us. It is all about taking care of our planet as it is taking care of us.


Nora Farah has broad experience in designing creative concepts.

This includes properties in France and Norway, events, brands, art categories and of course fashion.

A good concept is created in an early stage in the project. The concept design represents the guidelines to be followed by architects or others who develops the concept together with me. We are then taking on board more functional and practical considerations

Concept design is followed by detailed design during which all the main components of the building and how they fit together are described. Based on the detailed design, you can involve suppliers and plan the project in detal.

As concept designer she normally follow the project from the very first ideas, until it is all there for the users.


Nora Farah is taking art and fashion into new dimensions balanced with power, integrity and sustainability.

Good art is like a mirrorview of life – genuine, honest and with a purpose. The art is within all of us, and those who has the desire to convey can create unique results. It’s about being ourselves, do what we say and say what we do.

The woman’s position in life as well as in art is all about emphasizing her distinctive qualities and role as a symbol of our life’s development.

My mission is to explore the inner feminine natural beauty, I try to find a source of balance in all I do. Happiness and health is personal and can not be bought.

The individual is unique and formed by values and visions that comes from the hearth.

Each of us have the possibility to find our balance, by creating values that comes from true feelings and an open mindset.